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Quickly design & receive updated bids to prototype and test parts before moving into high volume production.

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Uploading your engineering and design files is simple. Just use our quote generator and add your files to a new order.

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Raw Material

From raw material to the finished part, we excel in manufacturing challenging precision components. Whether you need small quantities or large production runs, we have you covered.

Manufacturing Guides

Manufacturing Guides

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

Learn about how additive manufacturing methods have allowed engineers to design more sophisticated prototypes. Get familiar with the cutting edge technologies involved in some of today's most sophisticated parts.

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Manufacturing Guides

Traditional Manufacturing / CNC Machining

Learn how you can leverage traditional manufacturing techniques to improve cost efficiency. See how you can save time & money by honing your designs for cheaper manufacturing.

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How to build parts withMX

In order to bring your designs into reality you must first send in your design files and other job details to receive a quote. After receiving a quote we will proceed with the order & complete the manufacturing. Payment & shipping options can be dealt with through our site when you sign up for an account or after you use our online quote generator.

Production Volume

As you increase the number of items you need manufactured you will be able to enjoy improved marginal costs on your part production.

High quality, low price

Receive a quote and experience our low prices. Complete payment & experience our high quality. See why our customers have a preference for MX services.

How to reachEconomies of ScalewithMX

We recommend creating an account to earn discounts & and keep track of your digital production line.

Use our quote generator & our manufacturing guides to create products that your customers need.

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Expand your manufacturing needs and receive discounted rates of production. Contact us to learn more.

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